Arrested PS to appear in court today



RSIPF officers in the JANUS anti corruption Task Force have yesterday arrested the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of infrastructure and Development, Mr Henry Murray  and charged him with multiple counts of official corruption.

A Police statement revealed Murray’s wife was also arrested and charged with multiple counts of false pretences.

It was alleged the Mr Murray approved multiple payments of a hired vehicle to a company registered to his wife and himself, a staggering amount of one point one million dollars.

Meanwhile, Police commissioner Mathew Varley said Government employees charged with responsibilities under the public financial management legislation were duty bound to ensure payments made with Solomon Islands Government funds were made honestly and transparently with due regard to the right process and procedures.

Commissioner Varley also thanked members of the JANUS Task Force and assistance of members of the internal audit office of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury.

The permanent secretary and his wife will appear in court today.

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