Bloody Ridge plaque thief arrested


The monument at bloody ridge.

Henderson Police have arrested a 19 year old male suspect in relation to the plaque stolen from the Bloody Ridge memorial last weekend.

The suspect was arrested after a successful investigation by the Guadalcanal Police this morning after recovering the missing plaque.

Henderson police confirmed this to SIBC News, that the Malaitan teenager was also a resident of the Bloody Ridge area..

The suspect admitted to committing the offence and claimed that he was drunk at the time.

Police media reported a woman found the plaque in an old house by the Lungga River . The woman turned the plaque in to the Guadalcanal Police prompting the investigation.

The plaque was stolen from the Bloody Ridge memorial last weekend had been found, and police were searching for a suspect who allegedly removed the plaque.

The plaque was installed at Bloody Ridge National Park, which was inaugurated during the recent commemorations of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Guadalcanal.

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