Inside the National Referral hospital. Photo credit: SIBC.

Inside the National Referral hospital. Photo credit: SIBC.

An internationally renowned Dermatology Specialist, Associate Professor Anthony Hall of Australia has visited the National Referral Hospital this week.

Medical Superintendent of National Referral Hospital Doctor Runnie Jagilly confirmed Professor Hall’s visit to SIBC News today.

Dr Jagilly says the visit is mainly to attend to patients with various skin diseases in the country.

“This week the hospital has received a specialist from Australia who specialises in skin disease, so he’s called a Dermatologist. Associate Professor Anthony Hall is from Melbourne Australia who is here to see people with skin diseases.”

Meanwhile, Dr Jagilly adds Professor Hall has started attending to patients since Tuesday this week.

“He is here because we do not have anyone who is specialised in skin diseases or skin problems and so he started doing clinics on Tuesday, Wednesday as well as today and tomorrow.”

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