Australia Solomon Islands 8th Business Forum and Trade Expo. Photo credit:

Australia Solomon Islands 8th Business Forum and Trade Expo. Photo credit:

Three senior business executives of Solomon Islands are leaving the country to attend the Eight Australia Solomon Islands Business Forum and Trade Expo in Brisbane today.

Lilly Lomulo is the human resources manager of the Solomon Islands Tobacco Company Limited (SITCO) Regina Pokana is the Sustainability Manager at GPPOL and Lyn Fa’arodo, the Head of Retail Banking at ANZ Bank.

In a statement today, the Australian High Commission said it supports the three women leaders as a part of its commitment to improving women’s leadership in business.

SIBC News understands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and his delegation will also participate in the event before heading off to Taipei, Taiwan over the weekend.

Meanwhile, one of the country’s Businesses will feature as a Small and Medium-sized Enterprises case study at the Eight Australia Pacific Solomon Islands Business forum today.

Managing director and owner of Premiere Real Estate Julie Haro is a guest speaker and she will deliver a presentation of Premiere Real Estate as a case study.

Mrs. Haro says it is an opportunity to bring to the international forefront the struggles business women in Solomon Islands experience.

“I didn’t feel like going there being a very small SME and being run by a woman, but then I see it as an opportunity to bring further the struggles that women faced in doing business in the country. Not only that but going it’s not about Premier, it’s not about just a small our staff or the management or the board of Premier, what I carry with me is the heart of these women in terms of business.”

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