Bad weather claims one life and seven missing

Police say the Out Board Motor driven canoe was travelling from Noro to Seghe with eight people on board. Photo: CNC3

Police this afternoon have confirmed one death, in a sea tragedy in Western Province.

Police Media reported four people survived while three are still missing.

The Out Board Motor driven canoe was travelling from Noro to Seghe with eight people on board during the bad weather experienced across the country.

Provincial Police Commander for Western Province, Chief Superintendent Mathias Lenialau said the boat capsized when they met rough seas just outside of Seghe in the Marovo Lagoon.

Chief Superintendent Lenialu said the four survivors swam ashore. Among them were two females.

PPC Lenialu extended their condolences and sympathy to the family and relatives of the deceased.

Police strongly remind boat owners and travelers to plan their trips carefully or to stay ashore if they are unsure of their safety at sea.

Meanwhile, the search for a missing person who allegedly drowned at Kaipito river in Hograno district, Isabel Province last Friday night is still continuing.

Speaking to SIBC, Kolomola village Chief Gideon Khale, said the man got lost in the river after attempting to cross the Kaipito river at about 8pm last Friday.

Isabel Provincial Premier James Habu confirmed, the man is a provincial member for Kolomola ward, Hograno district.

Meanwhile Isabel Provincial Police Commander Leonard Tahimana said while a search is underway, they are waiting for the river to subside before they will conduct a search dive.

SIBC Online is aware another search for three missing men from Maniate, Makira Ulawa Province also continues.

Police in Kirakira confirmed the men were missing since Saturday last year after failing to return from a fishing trip.



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