‘We have two low pressure systems in the country’: Hiriasia


The Meteorological Services Director, David Hiriasia says, one of the pressure systems has moved away from the country. Photo: fbcdn

Two low pressure systems are influencing the country’s current bad weather.

Solomon Islands Meteorological Services Director, David Hiriasia told SIBC Online today.

He said one of the pressure systems previously located over Makira Ulawa province has moved away from the country and is located in Tonga and beyond Fiji at the moment.

But he said a total of five active low pressure systems are current for the Southwest Pacific region.

“In the region within the Southwest Pacific at the moment we have a couple of low depressions located within a very active trough or an area of very bad weather at the moment so in the region we have about five depressions or low pressure systems around the region and the low pressure located around Temotu is one of them”.

He added, with the current low pressure system moving faster towards Fiji, the country should expect fine weather by this weekend.

“It continues to move eastward and by saying that it is moving faster towards Fiji.

“Currently it’s moving at a speed of 14 knots so I think when systems move fast they bring minimal impact so we are hoping that the system should move away from the country towards the end of the week”.

By: Rickson J Bau



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