Banana diversity at last year's festival. Photo credit:

Banana diversity at last year’s festival. Photo credit:

Chair of the organising committee for the “De Makira Banana Festival,” Noel Mamau has confirmed preparations are progressing well for the event.

Speaking to SIBC News, Mr Mamau said the organising committee is calling on the people of Makira Ulawa Province to participate in the event, to showcase the different species of banana varieties in the province.

“Out of the over 120 species of banana in Makira, we want to see that the majority of these species be shown at the festival, so last year we had about 60 of the varieties shown, but this year we want to see that almost all of the species to be shown at the festival.”

Makira Ulawa Province has more than 100 species of banana varieties.

The Banana Festival will start on 1-4 next month.

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