Banana Festival sets for next weekend

2015 Banana queens on a float parade

The Makira Banana Festival is set for next weekend, confirms Chairlady of the local organising committee, Mrs. Aukeni Mamau.

Kokana Village in Central Makira will play host to the three-day festival from 11-13 October 2019.

Chairlady, Mrs. Mamau says the weekend will be a Banana escape for those who wish to be part of the festival.

We have activities that fall in the three days event. it is like a weekend escape that open for the public to come and enjoy the featured activities.”

The main activities and competitions for the three day event are:

  1. Banana in Fashion Show
  2. Banana in Floral.
  3. Banana in Talent Show
  4. Banana in Food and Drinks
  5. 100m race
  6. Four hours Fishing competition

While preparations are well underway, she calls on Makira people come out and support the Banana festival – their pride.

“Preparations is well underway, and to all the people of makira, take pride of this event. Its our culture and identity. If you have cultural groups or any way you can hel, come and enjoy.”

Being the third to be held, this year’s theme is “Promoting Peace Tourism in Makira”.

Former British High Commissioner to Solomon Islands Dominic Meikel John opened the first Banana festival in 2014.

by Charley Piringi

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