National Parliament of Solomon Islands building. Photo credit: Synexe.

National Parliament of Solomon Islands building. Photo credit: Synexe.

The Parliamentary Bills and Legislation Committee is calling for written submissions from individuals, groups and organisations who wish to express their views, knowledge or experiences in regards to the Family Protection Bill 2014 that is now before Parliament.

A post on the National Parliament’s web site states, the Committee hopes to collect these submissions as evidences of the inquiry into the Bill and present them in a report to Parliament.

A function of the Bills and Legislation Committee under Standing Order 71 of the Parliamentary Standing Orders is to review all draft legislation prepared for introduction into Parliament.

The web site states, submissions are confidential until they are made public by the Committee, during the inquiry or when the report is tabled in Parliament at the end of the inquiry.

Evidences compiled in the presented report are also guarded under Parliamentary privileges.

This means no one is liable to any civil or criminal proceedings concerning the information disclosed to the Committee for the purpose of the hearing.

Submissions can also be submitted under confidentiality and the Committee will consider all requests for confidentiality, but is not obliged to grant a submission confidential status if it determines that it is not in the public interest to do so.

Submissions will close this Thursday.

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