Bmobile Solomon Islands Country Manager Niall Downey. Photo credit: SIBC.

Bmobile Solomon Islands Country Manager Niall Downey. Photo credit: SIBC.

The country’s second mobile entrant, Bmobile is re-branding soon, changing its orange colour to a royal blue, along with the introduction of new and cheaper data plans as well as new phones to follow.

Confirming this in a media conference yesterday, Bmobile Country Manager Niall Downey says Bmobile was initially 50 percent owned by the IPPC, which now took over Bmobile 100 percent.

He says IPPC wants to ensure that Bmobile grow in PNG and the Solomon Islands, especially with 3G networks becoming the next step of the investment, though expensive.

“We were initially only 50% owned by the IPPC, they took over last October so that’s six months ago and basically they wanted to ensure that Bmobile grew in PNG and Solomon Islands and they’ve invested money into the organisation. 3G services are not cheap, they’re very very expensive so it’s a large investment and you know, will continue to be. Telecommunications is a very very expensive business, the technology that Huawei provide is state of the art and that it’s constantly evolving so, you know, it needs continuous investment.”

The Bmobile Country Manager adds, an official re-branding launch will be held at the Heritage Park Hotel in Honiara next Monday, which will be attended by Bmobile’s PNG based Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer.

SIBC News understands, radio promotions have started as part of next week’s re-branding.

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