Bmobile Solomon Islands CEO Niall Downey. Photo credit: SIBC.

Bmobile Solomon Islands Country Manager Niall Downey. Photo credit: SIBC.

Bmobile Vodafone has launched it’s uni-500 premium corporate plan service.

The newly launched service is a prepaid unlimited call and SMS bundle with low phone bills, unlimited calls nationwide for a standard fee.

It also provides better call management inclusive for both business and personal calls.

The new service is designed for managers, professionals and individual Bmobile Vodafone customers.

Speaking at the launch, Bmobile Vodafone Country Manager Niall Downey said, the company will always strive to provide better quality, value and rates for it’s customers.

“And this is a big message for all you who are on Telekom here, jump across, you know we’re cheaper and we’re are having a better call quality, so this is our message for this year. Better quality, better value, better rates.”

Mr Downey adds¬†Bmobile Vodafone provider will soon expand more of it’s services throughout the country.

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