Border operations going on well

Outgoing Police Commissioner Matthew Varley

Police operations at the country’s common border with Bougainville is continuing.

Outgoing Police Commissioner Matthew Varley confirmed at his final weekly media conference over the weekend.

He said they are confident the Bougainville Referendum will proceed peacefully.
“Now it’s important to remember that this operation is not about closing the border of preventing any major security risks that we’re concerned about, we are in fact confident that the Referendum will proceed peacefully, but of course we have a job to do in making sure that we maintain a high level of presence there to reassure our people from the Shortland Islands in the West and to make sure that they feel safe and secure during this time”.

Mr. Varley also appeals to members of the community to report any suspicious activities to the Police on the ground.
“We also want to continue to appeal for any members of the community in the area who may see anything suspicious or any unlawful boat crossings or anything that you are concerned about, make sure you report that to the police on the ground so that we can look into any issues. I do want to stress that there is no information that suggests any danger or immediate risk to our people up at the border communities but of course, we want to take every precaution and we’re going to remain vigilant as the Referendum draws nearer and we want our communities to do the same”.

SIBC News is aware, the police operations are in support of the Bougainville Referendum.

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