Buala Isabel Province. Photo credit: Panoramio.

Buala Isabel Province. Photo credit: Panoramio.

Buala hospital in Isabel Province has confirmed admitting diarrhea cases of children who are mostly six months old and 10 years olds.

Nurse-In-Charge at Buala Hospital’s Outpatient, Martin Gavira told SIBC News today, more than 20 critical diarrhea cases have been admitted at the hospital and the Hospital expects the number to increase in coming days.

“More than 20 critical cases have been admitted, with diarrhea, vomiting with dehydration, meaning not having enough fluid in the body as well as cases of blood diarrhea, so more than 20 cases have been recorded so far, but we expect to receive more cases as data we have collected indicates that it is increasing.”

The Outpatient Nurse-In-Charge adds, health promotion teams have been sent to villages in and around Buala to encourage people to practice proper hygiene.

Meanwhile, Mr Gavira says Buala Hospital is running out of ORS and zinc needed to treat diarrhea and the Hospital need restocking of the medicines before things get worse.

He calls on the Ministry of Health to immediately supply the much needed diarrhea treatments to Buala, as soon as possible.

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