Special Secretary to the Prime Minister, Dr Philip Tagini in Vienna, Austria. Photo credit: GCU.

Special Secretary to the Prime Minister, Dr Philip Tagini in Vienna, Austria. Photo credit: GCU.

The National Government has delivered its report on implementing the UN Convention Against Corruption in Solomon Islands, and on anti-corruption work in the country, at an Implementation Review Group session in Vienna, Austria this week.

This week, all signatories on the United Nations Convention Against Corruption met to report on their implementation on UNCAC, especially on Chapters three “criminalisation” and four “International Cooperation”.

A government statement says Solomon Islands recently completed an Executive Summary of its UNCAC Review and submitted it to the Secretariat in Vienna during this week’s Review.

The statement also said there is a need to widely communicate the requirements of the UNCAC, so that leaders and people know about the boundaries they cannot cross, before being caught by the UNCAC principles and provisions.

Solomon Islands was reviewed by the Republic of Iraq and Slovak Republic early this year.

The review outlines the successes, and challenges Solomon Islands is facing in implementing obligations under chapters three and four of UNCAC.

The Solomon Islands report was submitted by the Special Secretary to the Prime Minister, Dr Phillip Tagini on Monday this week.

Meanwhile, the Special Secretary to the Prime Minister says the Review is useful because it paints the picture of Solomon Islands in terms of its work to eradicate corruption.

Dr Phillip Tagini says it shows what else needs to happen in order for Solomon Islands to comply with its obligations.

He also said this is an important standard, and it will be the yardstick to measure leadership in the future .

Dr. Tagini and Derek Futaiasi of the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet represent Solomon Islands at the fifth session.

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