Central Provincial flag. Photo: SIBC.

Central Provincial flag. Photo: SIBC.

The Central Islands Provincial Government will deploy its assessment team to communities facing water shortage.

Premier Selwyn Mapuli says, his government is aware of the water scarcity in the province and planing to deploy provincial officers to conduct further assessment.

Premier Mapuli says, the government will provide appropriate assistance after all assessments are finalised.

“I will be consulting with my responsible division staff in terms of water and agriculture to conduct assessments so that from the findings we can be able to know what sort of assistance will we provide to those who were affected, more especially in terms of water supply sortages at Vuranimala.”

SIBC News understands current water scarcity across the country is a result of the ongoing dry season.

Meanwhile, two Primary Schools in the Central Islands Province havereduced classes to half day, due to water shortage.

SIBC Stringer Gabriel Riotarau says the two schools – Sirana andHalavo Primary Schools reduced their classes to allow teachers and students time off to fetch water.

Mr Riotarau says the water shortage has denied the rights of thesepupils to education.

“It has been about three months since they experienced this watershortage. And it has really affected their classes. They said this hasreally denied the rights of the children to education which theycannot manage to complete one school day. So they are calling on theresponsible provincial Government or even the National Government orwhoever can assist them on this issue to assist them so they cancontinue with the education for the children.”

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