Chinese police conduct martial art training for women and children in Isabel Province

A total of 40 women including children were part of a martial art training during a Public Order Management (POM) training conducted for the officers of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) in Buala, Isabel province.

The China Police Liaison Team (CPLT) spent 2 hours a day on two sessions after its training with the RSIPF and engaged with the local women and children on self-defence martial arts.

Chinese police are teaching women and children on defense martial arts

Supervising Police Commander of Isabel Province Mr. Rodney Hirovaka said there have been cases of rape and robbery in Isabel province, and these training taught young women and children how to protect themselves in the event of similar dangers.

Mr Hirovaka said while improving the techniques and tactical capabilities of the police, it is necessary to improve the self-defense ability of the native people, especially women and children, in order to reduce crimes and enhance the sense of security. 

He said the training fully demonstrates the kindness and friendship of the Chinese police. 

The Chinese instructor Wanghu said the martial arts training is mainly designed for women and children to improve their safety awareness and defense capabilities. 

CPLT instructor coach martial art skills to a young girl

The content mainly involves risk identification, defense to attack, get loose and counterattack training.

He said they hoped that the two-week training would effectively raise the safety awareness of women and children, enhance their defense capabilities, and also give them a channel to learn about Chinese culture and leave a good memory.

Participants said the Chinese instructors are strong in martial arts and taught them very well. 

A group photo with the women and children in Isabel Province

They said they feel the charm of kungfu which is what they are looking forward to every day. 

The participants concluded that their security defense ability has improved, and they are more confident in facing risks.


Police Media

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