Taro island, Choiseul Province. Photo credit: SIBC.

Taro island, Choiseul Province. Photo credit: SIBC.

People in Choiseul Province are still searching for two men who went missing after failing to return home from a fishing trip last Friday.

A provincial member of the Choiseul Provincial Government Hon. JosiahVana told SIBC News the men left Taro Island early on Friday morning on a fishing trip.

He said the two elderly men in their 40’s left the island last Friday around 8 am via an outboard motor.

“The two men left Taro station on Friday morning at 8 am to go fishing on the reefs between Choiseul and Fauro island. The two men failed to return home since Friday and we have tried to locate them until today.”

Mr Vana appeals to people living on nearby islands to be on the lookout for the two alleged missing men.

“So we decided to report this so that people living in the Shortland and Fauro islands, Vella as well as in Kolombangara to be on the look out for the missing men and get us informed if they are safe.”

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