‘SIDCCG Government achieve milestones despite challenges’: PM Houenipwela


Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela. Photo: PM Press Secretariat

2018 was filled with many tribulations and challenges, says care-taker Prime Minister in his Christmas address nationwide.

It is therefore fitting that God’s provision, protection and guidance this year be acknowledged, says Rick Houenipwela.

Recapitulating, Mr. Houenipwela said, the Solomon Islands Democratic Coalition for Change Government assumed the leadership helm on November 15 2017, only 13 months to implement its policies.

Regardless, he added, milestones on many fronts have been achieved.

Mr. Houenipwela explained, upon leading the government, his five key interventions were stabilisation of the country’s fiscal situation, restoration of political stability, restoration of national public and international confidence, continued implementation of national projects including the Tina Hydro project, the Coral Sea Cable, Goldridge redevelopment, DBSI, the 2023 Pacific Games and preparing a new platform for the incoming Government.

“We have progressed these five objectives, more especially on the fifth project. Preparing the way for the incoming government in 2019.

“We kick started many important national projects, pass through critical legislature and have made significant progress on the Pacific Games 2023, the Tina Hydro-project, Munda International airport, the Undersea Cable Project and Goldridge mining.”



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