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The Catholic Church of Solomon Islands will witness the installation of its new Archbishop early next month.

Newly elected Archbishop, Christopher Cardone is to take up the role as the head of the Catholic Church in Honiara Diocese after June’s announcement.

Confirming the installation date is the Chairman of the Installation Committee of Holy Cross Parish, Mr. Aloysius Po’oina .

“The program will start on Friday 9th of September and then on Saturday 10th September will be the installation day.”

SIBC News understand, Bishop Cardone will be the third Catholic Archbishop for Honiara Diocese.

Meanwhile, Temotu people residing in Honiara have rallied support as they prepare for the consecration of their fifth Diocesan Bishop next month.

A statement from the Anglican Church of Melanesia confirmed the Bishop will be responsible for the Temotu Diocese.

Temotu Diocesan Secretary Thomas Salopuka has appointed Christian Nieng to Chair a Honiara-based team to solicit support from Temotu people living in Honiara.

Mr. Nieng said a positive response was received as Temotuans in Honiara have donated food items as part of their contribution towards the church event.

Meanwhile, the statement said Bishop-elect, Father Leonard Dawea will be consecrated on 11th September to be the Diocesan Bishop of the Temotu Diocese.

Details of a special church service for Honiara-based Temotuans to coincide with the consecration event will be announced soon.

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