Central Provincial flag. Photo: SIBC.

                                                              Central Provincial flag. Photo: SIBC.

The Central Islands Provincial Premier Hon. Patrick Vasuni has announced his new Provincial Executive.

The new provincial executive was formed within nearly a week after the provincial assembly elected Hon Vasuni as their new premier.

“As the Premier, I look after Finance and Treasury, I appointed Ben Lua as the deputy premier where he’ll be responsible for education and human resource development. Humphrey Salopuka will be responsible for health and medical services, James Galini will be responsible for transport and works, Policup Walai will be responsible for lands, and Richard Gulo is responsible for culture and tourism and that’s the lineup of my new executive.”

Meanwhile three MPAs are appointed into various Boards and Chairmanship roles within the provincial government.

Premier Vasuni has confidence on his newly appointed executive – believing service delivery will be fair.

He appeal to the leaders and citizens of Central Province to concentrate on advancing the province’s development endeavours.

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