City Clerk Charles Kelly. Photo credit: SIBC.

City Clerk Charles Kelly. Photo credit: SIBC.

Honiara City Clerk Charles Kelly has described the recent Honiara City Council elections as the beginning of a new era as they venture into the development and progress of the council.

Mr. Kelly remarked recently during a function to welcome the newly elected Honiara City Mayor in Honiara.

He also appealed to the general public of Honiara City and the City Councillors to support the Council and work as a team to ensure success.

“My only appeal to you as elected Councilors and appointed Councilors, the residence of Honiara and friends of the Council I am calling on your support, your teamwork because we are the Council and not the people elected. We are the ones running the Council, not those who are elected as teamwork equals to success.”

Meanwhile, former City Mayor and Councillor for Ngossi Ward One, Andrew Mua has challenged Mayor Alfrence Fatai to consider education, saying he has secured funding to improve eight City Council schools in Honiara.

He said it is now Mr. Fatai’s turn with the City Clerk to implement the projects.

“Mr. Mayor I challenge you in your leadership, in your new government to look at education. I have secured funding for the improvement of eight schools and I have identified the schools to be looked at and improved purposely for the relief of any disaster that strikes Honiara. The funds have been secured and it is now on your shoulders with the City Clerk to implement.”

Mr Mua made the comments at the function held to welcome his successor Alfrence Fatai in Honiara recently.

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