FSII-aligned political party ‘The People’s Movement’ set for 2019 elections


Ishmael Nori, head of the party.

An emerging party called “The People’s Movement” is planning to contest in the national general elections next year.

The unconventional party comprises mostly young tertiary students and people who initiated the Forum Solomon Islands International group.

Party Chief Ishmael Nori said the group was not just a party, it was a movement for the people.

The party’s platform has two priority areas, one of which is to take away control of the Rural Constituency Development Fund (CDF) from Members of Parliament.

The use of the CDF fund is a constant source of derision in the Solomon Islands’ community, and Mr Nori said their plan would be “more effective” for the people.

“We know where we are going to put it, and the moment we are developing the concept,” he said.

“But at the time when we officially launch the party, we will announce how are where we will put our CDF.

“It will be more effective in terms of usage for community development.”

The party’s other priority area is set to be developing and expanding the country’s economic base.

It is currently working on its constitution and platform objectives and is expected to be launched soon.

By Kikiva Tuni

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