Commonwealth Day Celebrated

Commonwealth Day is celebrated around the globe today.

The Head of the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth II has sent her Commonwealth Day message over the weekend.

The British High Commission Press reports, Her Majesty said, on Commonwealth occasions, it is always inspiring to be reminded of the diversity of the people and countries that make up our worldwide family.

“We are made aware of the many associations and influences that combine through Commonwealth connection, helping us to imagine and deliver a common future.”

This is particularly striking when we see people from nations, large and small, gathering for the Commonwealth Games, for meetings of Commonwealth governments, and on Commonwealth Day.”

Queen Elizabeth added, that “Looking to the future, his connectivity means we are also aware, perhaps as never before, that wherever we live, our choices and actions affect the well-being of people and communities living far away, and in very different circumstances.”

She said, for many, this awareness awakens a desire to employ our planet’s natural resources with greater care, and it is encouraging to see how the countries of the Commonwealth continue to devise new ways of working together to achieve prosperity, whilst protecting our planet.

As members of this very special community, on this Commonwealth Day, Her Majesty says she hope that the people and countries of the Commonwealth will be inspired by all that we share, and move forward with fresh resolve to enhance the Commonwealth’s influence for good in our world.

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