The Gold Ridge Mining premises. Photo credit: PMC.

The Gold Ridge Mining premises. Photo credit: PMC.

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force has renewed calls to rural Gold Ridge communities to stay away from the mine site.

Acting Police Commissioner, Juanita (Wah-nee-tah) Matanga said police have held talks with people of Taurarana in Central Guadalcanal about the risks involved with their continuous visits to the site.

The Acting Police Commissioner warned the community the mining site is a risk area after the recent flash flooding.

“We  see it important to go out there and talk with the communities, informing them of the danger of continuing to go up to the site, while police are fulfilling policing duties around that area. And I say it’s quite dangerous not to adhere to the advise we are giving because our responsibility is to ensure that our lives are safe, but there are circumstances that there will be difficult times.”

SIBC News understands the mine site was left abandoned after Saint Barbara left its Gold Ridge operation following the recent flash floods.

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