Locally produced Soltuna brands. Photo credit:

Locally produced Soltuna brands. Photo credit:

The Chief Health Inspector for Food Safety under the Environmental Health, Ministry of Health and Medical Services Ethel Mapolu has urged members of the public to always consult their division regarding any issues relating to food safety before going public in the media.

Mrs Mapolu made the call following recent media claims that some people found some foreign objects inside some of the imported canned food they bought  from shops.

In an interview with SIBC News Mrs Mapolu says it is advisable that when such issues arise in the media, the responsible authorities should be alerted so that proper investigations are carried out.

“It is always advisable that when things came up like that in the media, take them to the responsible authorities so that they can make a thorough investigation of that product.”

Mrs Mapolu also calls on consumers to make the right choice when planning to buy consumable products from shops.

“It is always better for you as a consumer to make the right choice of buying whatever product that you want to buy and making the right choices are very important. If you’re not sure of what you’ve seen in the shops and want to buy, then you just go local, go to the market and buy something from there or to make it simple is we also have our locally produced canned tuna, which are also readily available.”

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