Taro hospital in Choiseul. Photo credit:

Taro hospital in Choiseul. Photo credit:

Sasamuga Hospital in the South Choiseul is undergoing a refurbishment worth over half a million dollars.

Hospital Secretary, Reverend Caleb Kotali says the hospital facilities have deteriorated over the past 5 years and peoples’ lives are at greater risk.

He says the Hospital has already issued a notice for bidders to work on the refurbishment and communities have began providing sand, gravel, stones and bricks as their contribution.

The Hospital Secretary adds, people in the area have taken ownership of the challenge to improve the current hospital to one worth their pride.

He says the Sasamuga Community have set a six months time frame to complete the project.

“We will finish putting everything on the ground by the end of August then will start working on the refurbishment demolition. I hope this work will be completed by the end of January or early February.”

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