Director Dental Health Service Dr Loreen Oti Maekera. Photo credit: SIBC.

Director Dental Health Service Dr Loreen Oti Maekera. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services today celebrated World Tooth brushing Day with tooth brushing activities and awareness talks in schools in Honiara, and with an official launch of the event this morning.

In her statement to mark the event this morning, Director of Dental Health Services Dr Loreen Oti Maekera says her department face various challenges.

Dr Oti Maekera made the statement during the official launching at the SIBC Leaf Hut in Honiara this morning.

She says the Dental Health Service has been without a proper dental health building for years, while trying to provide the masses with dental care in the country.

“It has been four years since we have been without any dental building especially at the NRH, you know NRH dental service is the main service that provides services particularly for the whole country because it’s a referral clinic, and for four years now we’ve been trying our best as a dental team, trying to tell, flag our bosses, our main people who run our health service in Solomon Islands, but it looks as if we are barking on some wall.”

Meanwhile, the Dental Health Director called on the Government to consider a dental health building to be built at the National Referral Hospital.

She however said, despite this challenge, all provincial health centres in the country now has a dental health specialist.

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