UN World Youth Day flare. Photo credit: Facebook.

UN World Youth Day flare. Photo credit: Facebook.

Access to drugs, illegal alcohol and stress due to some issues in life can cause mental health problems in the country, says the Under Secretary for Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs, Aseri Yalangono.

Celebrated annually, the theme for this year’s International Youth Day is “Youth and Mental Health.”

In his key note address to commemorate the International Youth Day celebrated in Honiara today, Mr Yalangono said mental health issues can be heredity or can be created by individuals.

“Talking on the theme of Mental Health Matters, you rarely see people who are mental around 10-20 years ago, but now you will be able to see people going around the street with mental health problems. Some they are hereditary, some they are created by ourselves. The ones that we create for ourselves are those issues especially with our youth access to drugs, access to kwaso, access to stress and all these things because of certain issues in life, we start having problems with our minds, our thinking.”

According to the United Nations, youth with mental health conditions can often experience stigma and discrimination, which in turn can lead to exclusion and discourage people from seeking help for fear of being negatively ‘labelled’.

SIBC News understands Isabel Province also commemorated the International Youth Day today in the provincial capital; while Western Malaita, Choiseul, Guadalcanal and Temotu provinces will commemorate the International Youth Day at later dates.

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