Cuban scoping team discovers medicinal plants in Solomon Islands


Plants in a nursery a KFPL , Western Province.

Seventy percent of plants found in Solomon Islands have medicinal value.

A Cuban scoping mission team to Solomon Islands revealed to SIBC in an interview.

Speaking through a local translator, Director of a Plant-based Medicine Laboratory in Havana, Cuba, Lius Lopez Silvagni said seventy percent of local plants found in the country can be used to produce medicinal drugs.

“In the province where we visited there are seventy percent of plants here that would be used in Cuba. There’s an institute and they are very serious in studying the plants in their areas.”

Mr Silvagni said Malaita Province has greater potential as most of the medicinal plants are found on its shores saying, both the provincial authorities and the national government have welcomed a potential project.

“In the province of Malaita they have a great potential and I think it’s a great opportunity that I will not lose.

“We met with all authorities up until even the Prime Minister and everyone were very interested in the project and the same will help to improve the lifestyle of humans”.

SIBC Online understands, the two-member team visited the country last week to discuss with health authorities the introduction of a Cuban vaccine for treating diabetic foot ulcers.

By: Rickson Bau

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