Current logging rate is still unsustainable: Wale


The source of drinking water at Pepele river in Western Province being damaged and polluted by logging operation.

The Solomon Islands Democratic Party, SIDP, believes the current rate of logging set by the caretaker government is still unsustainable for Solomon Islands.

SIDP’s Parliamentary Wing Leader, Matthew Wale echoed the sentiments at the launch of the party’s Manifesto in Honiara yesterday.

He says what appears to be sustainable harvest rates twenty years ago when forest stocks are healthier will be unsustainable under the current rates.

“Twenty years ago when the stock of commercial natural growth forest was healthier than it is today, the scientific determined sustainable rate was four hundred and fifty thousand cubic meters per annum. So we can safely say that seven hundred thousand cubic meters in the year 2023 cannot possibly be the sustainable rate.

“So even at the end of this industry, it still controls government, it not only sets the determined price for itself, it also sets what is sustainable harvest rates”.

He added, Solomon Islands has to have responsible leadership to ensure a sustainable economy going forward.”Responsible leadership would ensure that reforms to ensure a sustainable long-term economy are persued even at the risk of short-term pain to society generally.

“There will be pain whichever way. We reform we get pain and are rewarded with long-term sustainable economy. We don’t reform we get pain anyway so we might as well reform. In other words, we have not had responsible economic management, we have not had sensible economic policy because we have not had responsible leadership”.

BY: Rickson J Bau

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