A forestry in the USA. Photo credit: Land Co Forestry.

A forestry in the USA. Photo credit: Land Co Forestry.

A local timber exporter has claimed the Minister of Forestry and Research Bodo Dettke has allegedly misused and abused his powers to stop him carrying out logging activities and community development.

Director of SLH Timber Corporation Limited Donation Damikura alleged Mr Dettke recently used his powers as Minister to advise the Commissioner of Forests against renewing his timber export licence.

Mr Damikura said he was recently served with a letter from the Ministry of Forestry that they will suspend his licence – an order he claimed has corrupt elements.

He told SIBC News, Mr Bodo has seized the logs from his log pond and plans to export them under his own company, Success Company Limited.

“One camp Manager told me some men arrived at the log Pond and told him the logs belong to Bodo Dettke and not yours so Success will export the logs. So that’s what the camp Manager told me.”

Mr Damikura adds he has applied for an export licence through the Ministry last week but was again turned down.

Meanwhile, Mr Dettke has dismissed the allegations, saying they are attempts to tarnish his image.

The Minister of Forestry and Research said he knew nothing of the claims and advised Mr Damikura to provide facts to prove his allegations.

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