Police seize fake foreign notes

Euro dollar notes. Photo credit: www.iraqidinar123.com

It is believed that counterfeit foreign notes are currently circulating in the country.

This came to light after Police seized some fake Euro and U.S dollar notes at the Coral Sea Casino this week.

Police Commissioner Mathew Varley confirmed, police have seized counterfeit Euro, U.S and other Asian notes at the Coral Sea Casino after they attended a dispute between staff and customers.

Commissioner Varley says the dispute was in relation to the presence of foreign currencies at the casino.

“A number of men were involved in handing fake notes to the Coal Sea Casino as part of exchange of money. But Police investigations have established that there is no evidence to suggest that they knew those notes were fake at the time they presented them and therefore charges have not proceeded.

“But that does not mean we should not warn and educate the community about it because there is a potential there could be more of these fake notes circulating in Solomon Islands.”

Mr Varley said there are certain indications on the fake notes which differ from the genuine ones.

By: Charlie Salini 

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