Govt’ clarifies cutting of trees


Secretary to the Prime Minister, Dr. Jimmie Rodgers has clarified that the reason to cut down trees along the roadside of the Western part of Honiara is for road construction.

Dr. Rodgers made the clarification during a media conference last week.

“I have been informed that after the Pacific games, the road from Honiara City Council to White River will be widened. MID is cutting the trees so that once constructions start, they won’t be there.”

“They can defend that, what they cannot defend is why they are also cutting trees on the other side of the drain,” he said.

The government recently launched its Safe Green Games campaign aimed at greening the city and keeping it clean for the games.

This saw public servants involved in clean-up activities on Fridays.

Cutting of trees opposite the Iron Bottom Sound Hotel in West Honiara.

The cutting down of the trees prompted questions from the public as to why such actions is taken with the campaign ongoing.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rodgers confirms, the green initiative is tracking well with more civil societies and communities also participating in the Friday clean ups.

He said they will soon launch a program with HCC to include wards around the city in the clean-up campaign.

Dr. Rodgers adds, they are also meeting with private companies on the possibility of engaging their vehicles to pick up rubbish during clean ups.

“All in all, I believe the town is a little bit cleaner than before we started this process, “he said.


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