DSE Chairperson Robert Zutu. Photo credit: SIBC.

DSE Chairperson Robert Zutu. Photo credit: SIBC.

The umbrella organisation of Solomon Islands NGOs and Civil Society has today launched a three-day exhibition on the role of NGOs in the country.

The Development Services Exchanges organised the event to allow the public understand their role.

DSE Chairman Robert Zutu told SIBC News civil society organisations and NGOs can showcase their community work during the exhibition to both the public and to development partners.

“Today marks the day where all members of CSOs who have been active partners in development, through the government’s support and also our development partners to come together and share experiences and learn from each other and also to showcase some of the important works that they have done in our communities, and also it provides an avenue whereby the development partners can actually see what is done and in so doing we hope to firm up all the engagements that are going on.”

The exhibition will end on Thursday.

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