Malaita Premier Peter Chanel Ramohia. Photo credit: OPMC.

Malaita Premier Peter Chanel Ramohia. Photo credit: OPMC.

The Premier for Malaita Province Peter Ramohia has criticised the Democratic Coalition for Change (DCC) Government for its failure to implement all national projects earmarked for Malaita Province.

Premier Ramohia told SIBC News, a Think Tank Task Force from the Prime Minister’s Office revealed, there is no assistance available to implement the national projects, therefore, are likely to be cancelled.

Mr. Ramohia says there is no budget allocation to implement these projects under the development budget.

He alleges, this clearly shows that the national government has lied to the people of Malaita Province.

“I just had an opportunity to see the development budget and I just know why because there’s hardly any budget allocation for these projects so looking at it, it seems right that the government is not truthful about implementing these projects.”

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