Forum Solomon Islands International. Photo: SIBC.

Forum Solomon Islands International. Photo: SIBC.

The Forum Solomon Islands International (FSII) has called on the Democratic Coalition for Change (DCC) Government through the Ministry of Lands to inform the nation about the current status of the land reform program.

Land Reform is a key priority of the DCC Government and Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has rightly reiterated the importance of land at a conference recently.

A statement from FSII said the conference seeks to contribute to the policy debate on land reform by considering the lessons that can be learned from both the regional experience and the experience of development on customary land in Solomon Islands.

The conference was attended by key stakeholders including a number of key representatives from the Melanesian region who shared their experience on land reform.

During the conference, Prime Minister Sogavare said with the growing issues related to customary rights over land, his government wants to achieve an effective reform that would recognize the existence of customary land tenure systems.

Meanwhile, the FSII statement said months have passed yet there is no progressive report about the land reform.

FSII CEO Benjamin Afuga said the DCC Government has promised much on land reform and much is expected from landowners and stakeholders who have considered the land reform program as a way forward in addressing sensitive and complicated land issues in the country.

Afuga said it is no secret that land issues is one of the barriers for development in this country.

FSII said attempts to get comments from the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey were futile as phones calls were not answered.

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