Cabinet to consider resolution for 2020 budget

Prime Ministers Office

The Core Ministerial Coordinating Committee, CMCC, within the Prime Minister’s Office will bring a cabinet paper of resolutions to the Cabinet for consideration and commitment to the 2020 Budget.

The resolutions were outcomes of a recent meeting with the Ministry of Health Medical Services, MHMS, and the Ministry of Women, Youth and Children Affairs, MWYCFA.

CMCC followed up on MHSM status, plans and cost implications regarding country’s health system, but more specifically, plans to deal with closed clinics and health facilities.

During the discussions MHMS presented, there are a total of 408 health facilities throughout the country, 56 of which are currently closed for health services.

It also noted that 24 health facilities are reclassified as AHC L1, and 18 health facilities reclassified as AHC L2.

The resolution emphasised, all closed health facilities around the country be redeveloped with the view to building totally new facilities.

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