Banana diversity at the 2015 Banana festival. Photo credit:

Banana diversity at the 2015 Banana festival. Photo credit:

The ‘De Makira Banana Festival’ in Makira Ulawa province has been postponed for 2017.

Chair of the local organising committee, Noel Mamau recently confirmed to SIBC News.

He says they decided to postpone the annual event for next year as it is gaining popularity but loses focus on promoting tourism in the province.

“One of the reasons for the postponement was that the festival has grown so popular and huge and that we want to see it remains focused on promoting tourism and not involving tourism activities and so we are tailoring down so that it focuses on promoting tourism in Makira Ulawa province.”

Mr Mamau adds, they would like to see a legal entity established to oversee the festival.

“The other reason is that we would like to see that some legal requirements will need to be sorted out because after hosting the festival for two years we see there is need to establish a ‘De Makira Banana Festival Foundation’. That’s what we want to see so as to register the festival under a foundation.”

SIBC News understands the festival will be held at Namunga, Star Habour next year.

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