Casper Fa'asala. Photo credit: Radio Australia.

Casper Fa’asala. Photo credit: Radio Australia.

People with Disability Solomon Islands has described the new organisation for deaf and mute Solomon Islanders as an achievement for people living with disabilities in the country.

The Deaf and Mute Disability Organisation was established this year to work specifically with people in Solomon Islands who are deaf and mute.

President for PWDSI, Casper Fa’asala told SIBC News, the organisation was formed in September.

“They have completed the due processes to have a constitution of their own as well as took the liberty to register their organisation under the respective Charitable Act. This was in September this year which qualifies them to operate like any association legally binding by their constitution and also operate openly with transparency as any organisation would do as permitted under the Charitable Act.”

The People with Disability Solomon Islands President also said the formation of the organisation is an achievement.

“So it is an achievement because it is another disability person organisation, an additional now a national body where we now recognise them and also we will help them in the process so that they will also be recognised regionally and internationally.”

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