Malaita Ma'asina Forum President Charles Dausabea. Photo: SIBC.

Malaita Ma’asina Forum President Charles Dausabea. Photo: SIBC.

A revived political party, the People’s Progressive Party says solutions to addressing anti-social behaviours within Honiara lies in the decentralisation of development in the country.

Party President Charles Dausabea told local reporters at a media conference yesterday, Malaitans were blamed for involving or instigating recent public disorders and other anti-social occurrences in Honiara.

Mr Dausabea says the solution to all these disorders lies in the development of Malaita Province.

“We have raised to successive governments that the solution is simple, it needs a political will to create a development on Malaita, and I’ve been making calls for the last two years after I was elected, instead of that the government just went on a mass groundbreaking without realising that what my people need is a development, so that is why Ma’asina said maybe enough of talking it’s time to get in and really do it. Accept the responsibility, yes we are to be blamed, but here’s the solution, and we have been telling the successive governments.”

Meanwhile, the Party President says, the People’s Progressive Party has received mandate from the Malaita public in Honiara, at a meeting last weekend.

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