A child being immunised. Photo credit: SIBC.

A child being immunised. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Honiara City Council has established eight measles vaccination sites and started visiting schools this week – all in efforts to stop any further spread of measles in the capital.

As of last Sunday, the number of clinical cases of measles in Honiara alone rose to over 400.

Health authorities have also scaled up the vaccination age to 30 years old.

The Council’s Head of Nursing, Moses Karuni told a talkback show on Sunday, there will be eight vaccination sites in Honiara.

“The eight additional sites in addition to our eight clinics in Honiara are Burns Creek, Panatina where we’ll use the red Chinese house used during the Festival of Pacific Arts in 2012. Kobito area we will use a Save the Children’s hat that is available at the area. We will have a team stationed at the Kukum field, another team at Lawson Tama, Art Gallery, Rove and White River.”

Mr Karuni also announced nurses will also be visiting schools in Honiara to vaccinate pupils against measles.

“On Monday we will have teams visiting schools like Norman Palmer, Kukum SDA, Florence Young, St Nicholas will be visited on Tuesday. Agape school you’ll be visited on Wednesday as well as Honiara High School, so principals at these respective schools be sure to organize the students to be immunized.”

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