“Dissolve parliament’: West Makira MP calls for fresh elections


Hon. Derrick Manuari. Photo credit: National Parliament of Solomon Islands.

MP for West Makira Derrick Manu’ari has called for fresh elections in the Solomon Islands amid the country’s dire financial situation.

Mr Manu’ari made the call on his Facebook page earlier this week and was interviewed by the Island Sun newspaper today.

He said a new election would bring “fresh hope” to the country.

“The nation has witnessed the government bailed out $150 million of people’s savings from the National Provident Fund and since that the Government has been rummaging around looking for places to borrow from,” he said.

“A fresh election will give renewed hope.”

The call comes as the Government revealed a revenue shortfall on Tuesday of $SBD263 million in the five months to May.

It is borrowing from its reserves to fill the shortfall.


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