The Our Telekom logo. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Our Telekom logo. Photo credit: SIBC.

Thousands of people in the Eastern Region of Malaita Province can now access improved mobile phone services.

This is after Our Telekom completed its tower at Fiu, East Malaita last weekend.

Enoch Idui from East Malaita said the completion of the tower puts ends the 5 to 6 kilometer walks which people in the area usually endure to receive mobile reception.

“People are happy saying that it is much easier now than before when they had to walk five to six kilometres to get to where the communication waves are accessible. Even the Bmobile tower set up here few years ago cannot help with the communication difficulty. However, with the Our telekom tower completed on Saturday last week, people can now communicate easily.”

The tower construction took nine days to complete.

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