Acting Permanent Secretary for Education and Human Resources, Franco Roddie says the Ministry is pleased to have reached an understanding with the National Teachers Association over unresolved teachers issues.

At a press conference last Friday, Mr Roddie said the ministry understands there are issues with teachers in the country.

He said the common understanding established between the Minister and SINTA is to work together and try to resolve the issues.

“And in order for us to solve this problem we dwell and had an open discussion and we were looking at those things that we need to work together on so that we can progress and try to resolve those issues and that has been our stand. And I understand in our first meeting we had with the SINTA executive we’ve established that common understanding,” said Mr. Roddie.

The Acting Permanent Secretary adds he is pleased the two parties have reached an agreement to resolve the teachers issues.

“I’m so glad that we have, you know, negotiated what we need to do and we will be working together as partners so that we can resolve our teachers’ issues”, he told the local media.

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