Polling officials for South Malaita ready for polling day

By Sharon Nanau in Afio
Polling Officials for Small Malaita Constituency are undergoing their final briefing at Maka Community High School in South Malaita.
Speaking to SIBC News on the ground, Returning Officer for Small Malaita Constituency, Jeffery Kinifu explains that the briefing covers the conducts of election officials in Polling Stations.
“Yesterday we went through the responsibilities of election officials in polling stations, what there are supposed to do and what no to do, and today we covered the different types of forms to be used in the polling station including the procedures on the opening and closing of polling stations.”
Mr. Kinifu also confirms that all ballot papers have arrived in Afio and are ready for deployment.
“Ballot papers have already been delivered at Afio and we are now just preparing to be deployed with all election materials to the various polling stations,” he said.
A total of 10 candidates are contesting the Small Malaita Parliamentary Seat.
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