Australia and NZ Personals visited NDC operation centre. Photo credit.

Australia and NZ Personals visited NDMO operation centre. Photo credit: RAMSI.

The National Disaster Management Office has called on the victims of the recent flash flood who are living at the Evacuation Centers in Honiara to return to their homes, as the centers are no longer safe.

Speaking to SIBC News, an NDMO spokesman says the evacuation centers do not have proper water and sanitation conducive for children to live in.

The Spokesman made the comment following the death of a baby at Panatina Pavilion Evacuation Centre in the early hours of yesterday morning.

He adds an assessment team has already done an assessment and found out that the people can go back to their homes.

He adds the NDMO want victims to be repatriated to their homes so that any issues that needs to be settled, will be dealt with in their homes.

Meanwhile, the NDMO Office has assisted the parents who lost their baby with a coffin, and provided a transport to take the body to the Kola’a Ridge graveyard for burial today.

SIBC News understands the Evacuation Centers do not have proper facilities and authorities have been finding it difficult to manage health issues at the centers.

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