People at the SINU Pavilion after the flash floods. Phot credit: BBC.

People at the SINU Pavilion after the flash floods. Phot credit: BBC.

The National Disaster Management Office has given people currently residing in the two last remaining evacuation centres at Rove and FOPA until tomorrow to vacate the areas.

NDMO Director, Loti Yates says the immediate deadline is due to financial challenges.

In a statement yesterday, Mr Yates said the Government has no further funds to keep operating the centers.

He also said this is to allow government to shift its focus to helping communities in five other Provinces badly affected by the heavy rains associated with bad weather in April this year.

The NDMO Director adds, his staff have assisted affected families to voluntarily leave the Centres in past months and weeks, up til yesterday.

He adds, as of Tuesday this week, the total number of people remaining in FOPA village was 9-hundred and twenty.

He said by today, only ten per cent will remain until tomorrow’s deadline and the 73 people living in the Rove Police Club will be supported to leave the premises.

According to NDMO statistics, 10-thousand and 92 displaced persons were living in 30 Evacuation Centres both in and around Honiara and Guadalcanal Province after the floods on April 3 this year.

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