Redley Raramo. Photo credit: FSII.

Redley Raramo. Photo credit: FSII.

Forum Solomon Islands International (FSII) has appealed to voters to be responsible and to vote wisely come election day on Wednesday.

Chair of FSII, Redley Raramo told SIBC News Solomon Islands is at a crucial point or in critical condition.

Mr Raramo describes this condition as including high unemployment rates, services which are going downhill, moral decay in society, high inflation and corruption in public and private institutions.

He said the choice to choose quality leaders is now in voters hands.

“We all want quality leaders and the decision is in our hands who will cast our votes in this National General Election. Our law allows us to freely express whom we want to choose but let this be at the back of our minds that we want quality leaders. On this Wednesday’s election day, the power is in our hands, whether we will choose a leader that will continue to drag our nation backwards or one who will bring it forward.”

Meanwhile, the FSII Chair has appealed for peace on election day.

“I appeal for peace during this election day. I join the Commissioner of Police to stand with him in calling for your cooperation and let us work together to ensure that we have a peaceful election that is not disturbed by anti-social behaviour.”

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