Stop violence poster. Photo credit:

Stop violence poster. Photo credit:

The Solomon Islands Family Protection Act 2014 is expected to be launched next Friday.

The Family Protection Act provides, Police Safety Notices, Protection Orders, Offences, Duties of service providers including counselling, awareness and prevention programs.

It also provides ‘A Family Protection Fund’ to go towards services and programs to reduce violence in the home and an Advisory Council will be responsible to take action to fulfil the objectives of the Act.

The Ministry of Women, Youth, Children & Family Affairs says, evidence through research carried out in Solomon Islands shows that violence in the family or domestic violence is alarming in the Solomon Islands.

The statement says, Family Health and Safety Study in 2008 shows that 64 percent of women and girls in Solomon Islands suffer from domestic violence.

Meanwhile, family members covered under that Act includes Husband and wife, Children in the home and Family members.

It also cover, persons engaged in courtship or in a customary relationship and people who live or lived in the same house, including domestic workers and persons with disabilities.

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