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Former City Mayor Alference Fatai has escaped a 12-month imprisonment term for bribery.

The Magistrate Court yesterday sentenced Mr. Fatai to 12 months imprisonment but suspended it for two years.

Principal Magistrate Shepherd Lapo suspended the sentence because of Mr. Fatai’s early plea and being remorseful for his action.

Meanwhile, the Magistrate told Mr. Fatai that as the Mayor of Honiara a leader at the time of the offence, he should at all times behave fairly and honestly.

He said the mayor is expected to strengthen the National integrity systems in order to promote clean government institutions and reduce corruption and bribery in all forms.

Mr. Lapo told Mr. Fatai what he did was an act of corruption and demeaning his official status as a leader and Mayor of Honiara City.

The Magistrate also commended the Police officer who executed his duties diligently and without favor or malice and maintained the rule of law in the country.

Mr. Fatai tried to bribe the police officer with $200.00 when he was arrested for speeding while under the influence of alcohol and taken to the Henderson Police Station in May last year.

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